Inside Our Center Inside Our Center 188338261 Our classrooms offer numerous opportunities to help children use their imagination. 188338252 188338267 188338260 Our staff will help instill a life long love of learning. 188338255 Block area encourages children to create a structure from the ground up. Children gain knowledge through problem solving and develop math concepts such identifying shapes. 188338253 188338254 In the science and math centers, puzzles, child friendly science equipment and magnets help children learn about the world around them. 188338257 Our center provides learning experiences for children to learn about the nature around us. 188338263 Children will be able to read a wide variety of books. 188338256 With a variety of media and collage material, children can enjoy the process of creating their own masterpiece. 188338258 Children will be surrounded by literacy. 188338262 188338264 Each learning toy is perfect for all ages. Staff will help individualize play and projects to support our center of diverse learners. 188338259 Children learn several concepts in one activity. Here a child will be using fine motor skills to lace and tie the shoe but also learning a self-help skill. 188338265 188338266