Little Lake Learning Station

Providing quality childcare and education

Our Programs

Little Lake Learning Station services children between the ages of 2 years through 5 years old.  Children may be enrolled on a full-time or part-time basis.  We believe that parents are a child’s first teacher; we encourage parents to actively participate in their child’s education and future by visiting or volunteering in the classroom.  Visits from parents will never be discouraged.

Preview to Preschool- 2- 3 years old 

This preview to preschool room will loosely follow a preschool-like schedule.  This will include a brief circle time, center play and a project.  Our lead teacher will create a weekly lesson plan based on a central theme.  Activities such as shape and color introduction, imaginative play in the housekeeping center or reconstructing puzzles, will be included in the weekly lesson.  Independence and self-help skills will be reinforced and potty training is greatly encouraged. With greater independence come greater exploration, with a ratio of one teacher for every eight children, each teacher is able to focus on a small group and guide the children in the learning process. 

Preschool- 3 years old- 5 years old 

The preschool room will follow a set schedule which includes a rich circle time, center time, active play and more. 

Each circle time is conducted by our lead teacher and enriched with math, literacy and music activities.  A book is always read at circle time and is based upon the weekly theme. During center time, children have the opportunity to explore all the learning areas.  Also during center time, children will be able to participate in a theme-based project that the teacher has planned for each day.


Our classroom teacher encourages the children to be independent and use to their self-help skills.   With a set routine in the classroom, preschool children are able to expect what happens next and begin to learn how to become independent in the classroom by cleaning up their lunch, setting the table for snack, folding their blanket after nap and dressing themselves.